Aluminum Oxide



All grades from #8 to #220 available
Aluminum oxide is fused in an electric arc furnace which produces a high-strength, tough, and extremely durable grain. Aluminum oxide is useful in many forms. The most common form is brown fused. Brown fused aluminum oxide is a general-purpose, loose grain abrasive that is used in abrasive blasting, polishing, lapping, or other finishing applications. White fused aluminum oxide is available for applications that need minimal foreign contaminant.

When blast equipment is paired with a media recovery system, aluminum oxide offers multiple turns/recyclability before it breaks down. Typically propelled by air, aluminum oxide acts as a powerful, multi-edged abrasive that will penetrate the workpiece while creating an exceptionally clean and uniquely etched surface. This unique surface finish is excellent preparation for an application of paint or powder coating via anchor pattern creation.

Aluminum oxide can be used on a variety of materials such as ferrous metal, steel, many metal alloys, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, marble, granite, stone, and other hard surfaces.

Coarser grades make excellent non-skid broadcast additives to decks and walkways.

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