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Avid Industrial Maintenance Inc.

A diverse range of products and paints for professionals who want to complete high value jobs right the first time.

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At Avid Industrial, we believe the craft of the Industrial Painter to be an honourable one. Equally, experienced and quality-oriented painters have never been so integral to society as today. The value of your time and resources as well as complex markets mean your maintenance efforts need to reflect your clients’ pride of ownership and your dedication to excellence.

Our experiences and long list of satisfied clients demonstrate the success of the craft is rooted in the types of products you use and people you work with. We are committed to delivering the best of both. After years spent training industrial painters, we have shifted our focus to empower industry professionals to paint, sandblast and spray with the types of products we are proud to use. This, in turn, enables our clients to serve theirs with industry-leading painting equipment that makes every job more immaculate with less effort.

Industrial painting does not begin and end with paint. To enhance the longevity and quality of your work, you need to equip yourself with the right tools for preparing the surfaces you will work on. Our Avid Industrial team represents decades of industrial painting experience, so we only sell parts and products that have made our toughest jobs easier and our best efforts more effective.

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Our Products




Equipment Rentals

A diverse range of products and paints for professionals who want to complete high value jobs the first time

Multiple coats, irregular surfaces and tough stuck-on residual products can create havoc for your work schedule and project budget. By fully preparing yourself with an inclusive line of Avid Industrial equipment, you can ensure your team arrives at every job ready to tackle whatever your maintenance or renovation tasks may require. Better still, while protecting your time and team, you will be producing work that clients can’t help but appreciate and applaud.

Explore our surface preparation rental products and immediately recognize how our passion for elevating the industrial painting industry has translated into our commitment to superior equipment rental. From abrasive blasting through to International/Devoe Paint and Bimagrip, you will take note of top brands and reasonable prices that underpin our honest approach to relationship building and client satisfaction.

If you have questions about which brands or specific tools may best serve you and your clients, don’t hesitate to reach out. Rest assured, the people on the other end of your inquiry will be as detail-oriented, cost-conservative and quality-focused as you are.