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Cutting Edge Equipment at your Fingertips

When you are hired to work on a jobsite, you want to show up readily prepared to demonstrate your industry know-how and capability. The last thing you want to deal with is malfunctioning equipment that compromises how quickly or effectively you can complete your project. Even the most talented and determined painters can be felled by unreliable equipment or equipment that simply does not align with industry best practices.

At Avid Industrial, we have spent 30 years experimenting with tried and tested as well as brand-new, cutting-edge painting, coating and sealant equipment. We have put in the investigative work, so you don’t have to. We have combined all we have learned about industrial painting, waterproofing and abrasives to create a superior equipment rental catalogue.

Work with the best to do the best work

From top-of-the-line sprayers through to abrasive and sandblasting machines, you will find a long and comprehensive list of the industry’s best pieces of painting equipment. Our Avid Industrial team has carefully curated vendor relationships that reflect our commitment to customer care and project management excellence. Rest assured the brands we represent are the same ones we took out into the field and used to train hundreds of leading Canadian painters.

Our painting equipment aligns with the diverse array of needs that may present themselves on an industrial job site. Only industrial painters know what truly goes in to prepping, painting and finishing the scale of work we are called to. Avid Industrial’s product rental options far exceed anything you may find in your typical rental provider. This is because we are familiar with the terrain and environments within which you are required to work and have focussed on it and we stock all associated components and supplies to keep you running and we service what we sell.

Reach out to our Avid Industrial team to learn more about the mobility and usability of each product. Find out exactly which rental products will take you from point A to Z with as little fuss and downtime as possible. Choose brands that will help you feel fully prepared to take on your next job with everything from human-sized abrasive blasters through to hand-sized vacuum heads and nozzles.

We built our painting equipment business because we saw an urgent need for easily accessible and reliable products that empower industrial painters to demonstrate their true capacity for excellence.

At Avid Industrial, we do not just talk about paint. We have lived it for three decades. When you contact our team for advice, you will not be speaking with an unseasoned salesperson, but rather a family who have a great deal of respect for the industry and want to see it thrive. If you are looking for abrasive, painting and blasting equipment to support your contracting needs, contact Avid Industrial today.


Cyclone 20DC Dust Collector

20,000 cfm Dust Collector
74 HP Tier 4 Cummins
“Refinery” set up. Fitted with Positive Air Shut off/ Run away shut down device and two E-stops.
24 x 36” Top Load Filters, 99.8% at 0.5 Micron (Merv 12). Hepa (merv 16 filtration available).
4 x 20” inlet ducts
Dual Axle Trailer with HD 2-5/16 ball hitch
Weight – 10,600 lbs
Ducting is available for rent or own.

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6.5 Cu Blast Skid -

All contained on one easy to move skid frame, designed to fit in the back of your pickup truck or on a flat deck for easy transport. You just need to add your own air compressor and you are blasting!

1 x 6.5 cu abrasive blast pot
1 x 450 cfm aftercooler
1 x D4 Desiccant drier
1 x Radex Filter
50′ Q3 (2-5/32″ OD x 1-1/4″ ID) blast hose
50’ Q2 (1-7/8″ OD x 1-1/4″ ID) blast whip
1 x #7 blast nozzle
1 x Turbo Blast Light
100’ deadman cable c/w alligator clips
100’ blast light cable c/w alligator clips
1 x 50’ 2” Bull hose with ON CRN and Boss fittings

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Skid Mounted Barrel Vacuum

Will vacuum up to 2 ton/hour.
The ultimate unit for vacuum blasting
Requires 350 cfm compressed air at 120 psi
1 Dust Collector Cartridge with filtration area of 229 sq ft. Merv 16 (Hepa available).
Automatic Reverse Pulse Cleaning
Use with 3″ vacuum hose.
Reinforced drum sold separately.
Vacuum Hose sold separately.

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Air Driers

Blast Pack Pro-40

The Blast Pak PRO compressed air system, is a single tower deliquescent drying package with conveniently integrated peripherals that are pre-assembled and welded to a forklift skid, allowing maximum portability for mobile drying applications. These compressed air systems can be easily lifted on the back of a truck or trailer and moved about within a plant or worksite.

The Blast Pak PRO is an ideal solution for mobile blasting contractors. Wet compressed air clogs blasting pots and compromises the quality of the blasted substrate by putting moisture back on the surface. This moisture then flashes to rust, necessitating costly re-work.

With an integrated aftercooler, the Blast Pak PRO first cools hot and wet air discharged from the compressor. Cooling forces a substantial quantity of entrained moisture to condense. But even after exiting the aftercooler, the air is still saturated with vapor (100% relative humidity). Next the compressed air passes through the drying vessel, which contains a specially formulated Van Air desiccant called Dry-O-Lite. This desiccant cuts the humidity of the air roughly in half. Finally, air flows through an after-filter to trap any fine particulate matter suspended in the air flow.

The blasting contractor is left with cool, clean and dry compressed air for superior blasting quality and zero downtime.

Blasting contractors: remember that an aftercooler and moisture separator alone do not prevent condensation from occurring downstream. To lower the humidity of blasting air, and prevent condensation from occurring on the blasted surface, a dryer must be used. Dry air is the key to superior surface preparation.

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Graco Ecoquip 2 EQs

EcoQuip 2 EQs

Graco’s EcoQuip 2 EQs vapor blasting equipment is a standalone unit designed to tackle most typical blasting projects. The EQs is built according to the toughest standards.

Truck-ready, high performance, industrial-grade abrasive blaster

  • Vapor Abrasive Blasting: A cleaner, easier path to profitable results
    • Generates less dust – 92% less airborne dust than dry blasting
    • Uses less water than traditional water-based wet blasting
    • Optimizes air, water and media ratio – resulting in a fine mist with a blast that is powerful, but with less dust
    • Uses less media than wet blasting, so clean up is minimal and you save on media costs
  • EQ Features and Benefits
    • Fits inside a 6 foot (1.8 m) truck bed for easy transport
    • Stacks easily to save space
    • Max blast pressure of 175 PSI (12.07 bar)
    • Handles both low and high air flow/pressure applications
    • Painted crash frame

Comes with

120′ Deadman Cable, 1 electric Deadman, 1 #7 nozzle, 100′ 1-1/4″ ID Blast Hose, 1 x 20′ Blast Hose Whip

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Sand Blast Pots

Schmidt 6.5 cu blaster

The 6.5 cu. ft. blaster is a popular sized system for contractors and industrial/blast room applications. It is available with the fine abrasive metering capabilities of the MV 3®/ComboValve® controls or the advanced metering and control abilities of the Thompson® Valve II.

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Blast Hose

50’ x 1 ¼” ID 4 ply blast hose w Alum Couplers (Q3)

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Blast Whips

20’ or approx. w hose coupler and nozzle coupler (fine thread)

Whip hose is lighter and more flexible than 2-braid or 4-ply blast hose of the same ID. It can be used with all common blast media.

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Deadman Or Light Cable

ea. x 50’ approx.

  • Deadman cables c/w large 3-prong twist Hubbell
  • Light cables with c/w small 2-prong twist Hubbell
  • Starter cables w alligator clips available
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Blast Lights

12V 35 Watt halogen c/w small Hubbell two prong twist-lock

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Vacuum Blast Heads

Complete Range of blast and vacuum work heads and equipment

  • Typically work best on flat surfaces
  • Can be fitted to existing blasting equipment
  • Rollers available
Available for purchase or rental. Call for pricing
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Blast Nozzles

All sizes available from 5/16” to ½”

Available to rent, always available for purchase. Call today for quote.
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Bull Hose

1 ½” c/w Dixon 4 Claw ends

  • Spare end to mate to your Compressor is available on request
  • C/W annual pressure test cert (1 week notice required)
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