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The quality of coating you use can determine the result of your financial and human-power investment. Whether you own and operate a painting company or you are a contractor seeking to engage in a large-scale commercial or industrial application, trusted, high-quality coatings are integral to your success.

At Avid Industrial, we have owned, operated and partnered with leading Canadian painting companies for three decades. During this time, we have seen firsthand how superior products can take your coatings projects to the next level, increasing client satisfaction while mitigating labour hours and unforeseen costs. Our singular focus on of supplying established and growing painters, directs our attention to providing the very best paints and paint products the industry has to offer.

We offer the following premier brands:

We are passionate about elevating the industrial painting brand, so we only recommend coatings that accentuate the value we contribute to businesses and the clients they work with.

Thirty years of experience has shown us the fundamental need for talented and driven industrial painters. The people in our industry have such great influence over the final – and foundational details – of commercial, industrial, infrastructure and marine projects. When your business it built on your reputation, there is no room for error. We want to protect and enhance the way industrial painters are viewed and valued, so we live our commitment to quality paints and products every single day.

When you purchase your coatings from Avid Industrial, you can trust we only sell and supply those we would use in our own projects. Our primers, paints and finishing products will ensure the colours you use truly pop and the coats you apply serve the safety and aesthetic demands of your clients. Equally as important, they will maintain the integrity and vibrancy of your application for years to come.

The end result will be a project, you are proud to call your own – or add to your client testimonials. Let’s partner to ensure industrial painters are fully empowered to put their best work forward. In turn, we can elevate the reputation of our businesses and the people and professionals we work with and serve.