OLFA LA-X 18mm 8-Pt X-Design Fiberglass Auto-Lock Heavy-Duty Snap-Off Utility Knife with Multi-Pick


Use the OLFA 18mm LA X Design Heavy Duty Fiberglass Utility Knife for all your cutting needs. Preloaded with an LBB Heavy Duty Ultra Sharp Black Snap Off Blade, this knife includes an auto lock slide to activate the blade with one hand control. The slider locks into pre set detents for cutting at varying depths with ease. The Black Ultra Sharp blade offers the sharpest cutting with a blade up to 25pct. sharper than standard silver blades. A stainless steel channel supports the blade for consistent contractor performance. The fiberglass handle is acetone resistant for easy clean up and long term durability. With a rubber, anti slip grip, this ergonomically designed knife is comfortable in your hand and delivers maximum cutting performance. The lanyard hole at the base keeps your tool at the ready on your belt or storage. A metal multi purpose pick adds ultimate functionality. Use the pick for all those tasks where the blade tip should not be used: pulling staples, opening painting cans, or prying various materials. This OLFA Fiberglass Utility Knife is always ready to work. Simply snap the blade segment when you need a fresh edge. Blade changes are always a breeze with the tool free blade exchange. Fits most 18mm snap off blades.

  • Fiberglass reinforced frame
  • Anti slip rubber grip
  • Ultra Sharp Black Snap Off Blade
  • Metal multi pick end
  • Stainless-steel blade support
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